The Tradition of the Witches Circle

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Pages Updated: Class Schedule Updated for January - March (see below).

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Welcome to the Tradition of the Witches Circle

The courses offered here have been designed for those that have opened the door to a different kind of Spirituality and now wish to walk through it.

The Tradition of the Witches Circles is an international order of 100+ men and women dedicated to honoring the Divine and Nature.

The Tradition of the Witches Circle was founded in 2002 by Reverend Samantha Beaty, out of a need for honoring, not only the Great Mother, but the Great Father, as well. As Witches, we recognize that the Divine manifests through polarity, as feminine and masculine, Goddess and God. We value neither more, for we know them to be supportive of and inherent to each other. We understand that we live with, not on, Mother Earth, and because of this we feel a special connection to Her. We celebrate the natural seasonal changes through Sabbats and the phases of the moon through Esbats.

Witches are many and we are everywhere. We are mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters. We are lawyers, doctors, actors, directors, and web designers. A Witch can be anyone in any profession. We are beautiful, plain, slender, heavy, tall and short. We are regular people living regular lives.

For those of you interested in taking classes in person, please see the below schedule.

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Rev. Samantha Harvey
It has been a great pleasure to be Samantha's student. She is always there for her students, day or night, should we have any questions, or personal issues. Every one of us are aware of how extremely fortunate we are to have such a teacher and friend. Sandy

13 Magickal Moons
Occoquan, VA

This schedule of classes is offered at 13 Magickal Moons of Occoquan, VA. All classes are held from 7:00pm to 9:00pm unless otherwise noted. To ensure enough materials are available, please reserve your seat in advance.

Friday, January 13 – Introduction to Runes – Week 1 of 2 – ($20)

Monday, January 16 – Reiki Master/Teacher – Week 1 of 4 ($30)

Friday, January 20 – Introduction to Runes – Week 2 of 2 ($20)

Monday, January 23 – Reiki Master/Teacher – Week 2 of 4 ($30)

Thursday, January 26 – Dark Moon Drumming Circle ($10)

Friday, January 27 – Introduction to Pendulums ($20)

Monday, January 30 – Reiki Master/Teacher – Week 3 of 4 ($35)

Wednesday, February 1 – IMBOLC RITUAL (Bring a dish to share)

Monday, February 6 – Reiki Master/Teacher – Week 4 of 4 ($35)

Tuesday, February 7 – Witchcraft 101 – What is Witchcraft ($20)

Friday, February 10 – Full Moon Ritual ($10)

Tuesday, February 21 – The Art of Meditation ($20)

Friday, February 24 – The Art of Magick ($20)

Tuesday, February 28 – The Witches Goddess and the Esbats ($20)

Friday, March 3 – Writing Your Own Spells ($20)

Tuesday, March 7 – The Witches God and the Sabbats ($20)

Friday, March 10 – Candle and Color Magick ($20)

Tuesday, March 14 – What are the Elements ($20)

Monday, March 20 – Ostara Craft Class [$20]

Tuesday, March 21 – Altars and Tools ($20)

Wednesday, March 22 – OPEN OSTARA RITUAL (Bring a dish to share!)

Friday, March 24 – Nature Magick ($20)

Monday, March 27 – New Moon Ritual [$10]

Tuesday, March 28 – Magickal Names ($20)

Friday, March 31 – Working with Animal Spirits and Totems ($20)

We are the Ones, We are the Power