The Tradition of the Witches Circle

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Animal Correspondences

Ant industry, community, craftsmanship
Bear power, cycles, guardian energy, sacred to Odin and Artemis
Bees messages, communication, luck, sacred to Venus
Blue Jay communication, magickal mimicry, guardian energy
Butterfly transformation, enlightenment, reincarnation, sacred to the Horae
Cat playfulness, equilibrium, grace, sacred to Bast
Chicken divination, fertility, health
Cow The Goddess Aspect, prosperity, sacred to Hathor
Cricket luck, happiness, abundance, blessings
Deer education (spiritual), security, gentility, sacred to Artemis, Aphrodite and Diana
Dog service, trust, devotion, psychic vision
Dolphin oracles, divine messages, the breath of life, sacred to Apollo
Fish fertility, perseverance, providence, sacred to Oannes and Vishnu
Fox invisibility, half-truths, quick action, shape-shifting, sacred to Bacchus
Frog fertility, health, honesty, sacred to Hekt
Hare The Moon, fecundity, sacred to Aphrodite and Eros
Horse movement, fertility, divination, sacred to Mars and Kwannon


cheerfulness, solar magick

Mole revealing secret matters
Mouse economy, getting around barriers, sacred to Apollo
Nightingale love, lightening burdens, sacred to Adonis and Attis
Owl self-truth, wisdom, vision, sacred to
Pig renewal
Raven prophesy, sacred to Hellios
Robin harbinger of spring, the fire element, sacred to Thor
Snail birth, luck, divination, sacred to Tecciztecatl
Snake transformation, health, sacred to Hermes, Ra and Hygeia
Spider fate, destiny, networks, sacred to Holda, the Norns, Spider Woman and the Fates
Squirrel in-gathering, storage, sacred to Medb
Turkey charity, self sacrifice
Turtle the earth, creativity, regeneration, sacred to Vishnu, His Wang-Mu, and Ea-Oannes
Whale the water element, rejuvenation, initiation, sacred to many oceanic deities
We are the Ones, We are the Power