The Tradition of the Witches Circle

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Beliefs of the Tradition of the Witches Circle

These beliefs/traditions apply to all members of The Tradition of the Witches Circle and to all students currently undergoing Level I teachings. All Tradition of the Witches Circle students and members should be given a copy of these traditions.

  1. The purpose of The Tradition of the Witches Circle is twofold: to help restore spiritual balance on earth honorong both the Masculine and Feminine Divine; and to assist all those seeking in their personal and spiritual development.
  2. Each member is his/her own authority, sovereign over his/her own life. S/he is not asked to bow before anyone. However, s/he is bound to conduct her/himself in accordance with these traditions in matters that affect the order or reflect upon it.
  3. All members will be treated with respect regardless of race, class, age, size, ability, sexual orientation, nationality, personal beliefs, background, or any other attribute. Above all else, we honor The Divine in every person.
  4. Each member has the right to remain anonymous at the public level. A member's identity should never be revealed to anyone outside the order, although s/he may choose to reveal his/her affiliation her/himself. Personal details revealed between members should not be shared with anyone else without permission.
  5. "Harm none" is a central teaching of the order. Energy should not be sent out in times of anger, fear, or emotional upheaval. While each member has the right to set spiritual boundaries to protect themselves or another, s/he is constrained from raising energy to cause harm (except in the legal definition of "self defense," when his/her life is in immediate danger.)
  6. "Community giving" is a central principle of the order, and members are encouraged to work alone or with each other in providing services to their spiritual and/or local communities, keeping in mind Tradition 8 below. Members are also encouraged to become active in their branches or in the order as a whole as opportunities become available.
  7. The order acknowledges the diverse religious and political backgrounds of our members and seeks to avoid controversy. When any member speaks out publicly for a cause, they should do so as an individual rather than as a member of our order, unless s/he has express permission from the head of the order. Similarly, we seek to avoid controversial religious and political discussions within the order, except when internal circumstances make such discussions absolutely necessary.
  8. Members are encouraged to meet with each other for spiritual events, regardless of branch affiliations. All members and current students are welcome at general events.
  9. Only High Priest/esses (Level V Graduates) of the order are authorized to formally pass on The Tradition of the Witches Circle teachings, and when they do so, they must follow the order's "Guidelines for High Priest/esses" available from the Head of the order. (To ascertain that your teacher has been authorized by the order, contact me at the address below.) All members, however, are free to pass on teachings learned elsewhere.
  10. High Priest/esses are required to ask for modest payment for The Tradition of the Witches Circle teachings by donation, sliding scale, barter, OR set fee. This exchange is spiritually important, showing that the student values the teachings and is serious in his/her intentions. However, the requested payment should not be far above average for similar teachings elsewhere.
  11. Each High Priest/ess and branch of the order is autonomous except in matters that affect the order as a whole or reflect upon it. Each member will remain a member for life unless s/he requests otherwise in writing or, in extreme circumstances, when his/her conduct causes his/her membership to be revoked.
  12. All decisions affecting the order as a whole will be made by the Head of the order in consultation with the current High Priest/esses. Such decisions are binding and final.
We are the Ones, We are the Power