The Tradition of the Witches Circle

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Color Correspondences

Black Protection, repelling negativity, binding, shapeshifting, divination, banishing
Blue good fortune, opening blocked communications, wisdom, protection, spiritual inspiration, calm, reassurance, gently moving, element of water, creativity, truth, tranquility, hope, honor, change, psychic ability
Brown influence friendships, special favors, stability, integrity, justice, sensuality, endurance, animals, concentration, grounding
Copper passion, money goals, professional growth, fertility in business, career maneuvers
Gold The God, wealth, promote winning, safety and power of male, happiness, playful humor, vitality, strength, success, action, courage, confidence
Green Earth Mother, physical healing, monetary success, abundance, fertility, tree and planet magick, growth, element of earth, personal goals, prosperity, empowerment, luck, jealousy
Grey vision, neutrality, absorbs negativity
Indigo insight, vision, change, flexibility, psychic abilities
Magenta intuition, change, spiritual healing, vitality
Orange business goals, property deals, ambition, career goals, general success, justice, legal matters, selling, action, courage, pride, ambition, enthusiasm, energy, friendship, communication, opportunities
Pink romantic love, planetary good will, healing of emotions, peace, affection, romance, partnerships of emotional maturity, caring, nurturing, compassion, tenderness, harmony, love, spiritual healing
Purple influencing people in high places, third eye, psychic ability, spiritual power, self assurance, hidden knowledge, growth, self-esteem, insight, inspiration, spirituality, success in business, strong healing power
Red energy, strength, passion, courage, element of fire, career goals, fast action, lust, blood of the moon, vibrancy, driving force, love, survival, sexual love, will power, anger
Silver The Goddess, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry, intuition, dreams, astral energies, female power, communication, spiritual truth, receptivity, psychic ability, stability, balance
Turquoise creativity, discipline, self-knowledge, honor, idealism
Violet success, intuition, self-improvement, spiritual awareness
White The Goddess, spirituality, peace, higher self purity, virginity, cleansing, protection, healing, divination, tranquility, substitute for any other color
Yellow the sun, intelligence, accelerated learning, memory, logical imagination, breaking mental blocks, selling yourself, joy, vitality, study, persuasion, charm, creativity, communication
We are the Ones, We are the Power