The Tradition of the Witches Circle

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Available Courses

Tradition of the Witches Circle Priest/Priestess Training (Correspondence & In Person)
This program was designed for those individuals wanting to take control on their own Spirituality ; individuals who wish to march to the beat of their own drummer. During the 4 different degrees of training (no comma) you will learn what the God and Goddess mean to you , how the Elements manifest in your life and how to write your own invocations, rituals and spells. You will also learn about divination, healing, meditation, spiritual alchemy, and much more. Click <here> for more information.

White Moon Teachings of the Feminine Divine (Correspondence)
White Moon Teachings are a curriculum in personal empowerment and priestess training. The course takes approximately two years to complete, but can be completed in as little as 13 months at an intensive pace. The course is eclectic and Goddess-centered, built upon the foundation of the Women's Spirituality Movement as it has evolved over the last 35 years. This training is open to people of all faiths who are seeking to incorporate The Goddess into their existing spirituality. Curriculum includes Goddess studies, ritual, meditation, prayer, magick, healing, divination, dreams, and astral work. One-on-one instruction and interaction with other students is provided. Graduates of this course are eligible to enroll in a public ministry course and to receive ordination through The Order of The White Moon. Click <here> for more information.

Reiki Practitioner/Master Training (Correspondence & In Person)
Reiki I (Shoden) - Cleanses the psychic channels and physical body level.
Reiki II (Okuden) - Opens the flow of Ki and the power of speech.
Reiki III - Master/Teacher (Shinpiden) - Cleanses the mental body and leads to recognition of true spiritual essence .Click <here> for more information.

4 Runic Certification Program (Correspondence)
During this program you will learn a brief history of Runes, what the 25 runes represent, a few simple rune layouts and how to use runes in your spell work and everyday life. At the end of this course you will create your own set of runes. Click <here> for more information.



We are the Ones, We are the Power