The Tradition of the Witches Circle

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Ministry Services

I am an ordained Minister of the Ministry of Light Interfaith Church, a legally recognized organization of the Commonwealth of Virginia. As a minister, I am able to perform different services:

Spiritual Counseling
Legal Weddings
House Blessings
Other Rites of Passage

Ceremonies can be performed in any ritual format you desire. The Goal of the Ministry of Light Interfaith Church is to share in the spiritual healing of all; we strive to bring joy and hope to all who come to us. We view all paths as valid and are therefore flexible about ritual structure. I have a selection of rituals to choose from or I can tailor a ceremony to fit your specifications. There are no set fees for ministerial services although donations are gratefully accepted. Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.

We are the Ones, We are the Power