The Tradition of the Witches Circle

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What is Witchcraft?

As you read further into these pages, please remember that these are the thoughts and opinions of the Traditions of the Witches Circle and should not be taken as a firm set of rules. One of the most beautiful aspects of Witchcraft is the freedom that comes with it. Take what you have learned here and use it as a small stepping stone toward your own path. If you have any questions (or even if you want to send me your own opinion... no hate mail please ) feel free to email me at .

"What is Witchcraft?" is the question that I hear the most. I can only answer that question for myself. I believe that for each person the answer is different. Each person feels differently, views Witchcraft differently, and explains it differently.

Witchcraft is an earth-based religion, celebrating the equality of both male and female. It's loving and being loved by the Lord and the Lady. It's the love and respect of life, people, animals and our beautiful planet. It's living a joyful life without the guilt of being happy. It's the understanding that death is not the end, but the next step. Witchcraft is about our spirituality. It's about taking responsibility for ourselves.

Sometimes this path is easy and sometimes this path is not. You have to really look at yourself and understand your commitment and connection with all of nature. Magick truly isn't a part of Witchcraft. It's an added bonus. You can practice magick without being a Witch and be a Witch without practicing magick.

Grab a notebook, a pen or pencil, and dedicate it to your studies. I found that writing notes helped me to memorize what I have read.

Below I have written out a beginning study guide , s ome things to help you along the way. I'll be adding others as they come to me.

Read as much as you can. I cannot stress this enough. It's true that many books say the same thing in different ways, but that's why it's important. Books are written by writers, writers are just simple people putting their thoughts and opinions into books. As with people that you know, you won't agree with everything that they say. Or perhaps you won't understand what they mean. Every book, every website and every Witch brings something different and unique to the table. This is a GOOD thing! Being open and receptive to other ideas will enhance your learning experience. Please keep this in mind as you move further on your path. No one person is the be all and end all of Witchcraft. Stay far away from those that claim to be.

Learn about the God & the Goddess. Who they are. What they represent. Their meanings and historical importance.

Know the 8 Sabbats. Learn their meanings and dates. Do not worry so much about the magickal properties they hold for their meanings go far beyond that. The Sabbats are a celebration of our Lord & Lady and the eternal cycle our lives run.

Know the 13 Esbats. The Esbats are solar and represent the Goddess at her height of power.

Learn the Elements and how they correspond with you and your daily activities.


We are the Ones, We are the Power